Batt.... Standard Orvis walnut down locking seat.

S/L or D/L. Screw lock (down locking).

Rev. S/L or U/L. Up locking screw lock seat.

S/B. Single slide band (cap & ring) seat.

C/R or cap & ring. Same as S/B seat.

Skeleton. Two sliding bands only.

Dual Ring. Same as skeleton seat.

N/S. Nickel Silver hardware.

Full N/S-S/B. Seat barrel, slide band and hardware are Nickel Silver.


N or New. New merchandise. Never used, first time sold.

M-Mint. AS NEW. Never Used.

M/R-Mint Restored. Professionally refinished to new condition.

N/M-Near Mint. Close to new. Barely used.

E-Excellent. Above average condition with light use only.

VG-Very Good. Average condition. Shows normal use/routine care and is ready to take fishing.

G-Good. Shows use  BUT, Needs no work to fish.

F-Fair. Needs only minor work to fish.

P-Poor. Structurally sound. Needs major refinish or repair work.


    14239.   UNMARKED BAMBOO FLY ROD 6'9" TROUT DRY FLY.  2/1.  #4.  3 OZ.  FAST.   HEDDON MARKED D/L S/L.  BROWN.  VARNISHED.   This unnamed production fly rod has been lovingly upgraded to better than original condition. The reel seat has been upgraded to a Nickle plated HEDDON marked slide band. A new Half-Wells grip added too. The Tung-oil varnish is bright and the rod is straight with no compromises and will punch a dry fly with absolute control and accuracy. The action is quick, just what is needed for breezy days on your favorite piece of water. Comes with a cloth bag and aluminum rod case. This is a great buy for the money.   M/R.   $385.00.

13954. UNMARKED KIT ROD - ORION 7'6" ENGLISH MADE ROD BLANK.  2/1.  #4/5.   3-7/8 oz.   MEDIUM/FAST.   ALL CORK N/S S/B.   DARK BROWN.   IMPREGNATED.   Very nicely finished out Kit Rod made on a set of Orion Blanks that were imported from England by T&T in the early 1980's. These were well-crafted blanks with tapers suggested by T&T, so the rod performs well. Standard Cigar grip, a N/S cap and ring seat on cork to keep the rod weight down and you have an unadorned rod that performs well and is well made for small money. Good deal here. With cloth bag and aluminum rod case.    E.      $295.00

14147    14147. JOE ARGUELLO 6'3" MIDGE TROUT. 2/2. #4. 2.25 oz. PARABOLIC. BUCKEYE BURL N/S S/B. TRANSLUCENT TAN T/ DARK RED. VARNISHED. Serial # 0901. Following the taper design of the Paul Young Midge Model, this rod provides a quick and deliberate fly placement at any distance while also providing the tactile feel of what is happening in the cast, so you stay in touch. Great action in a well made and detailed fly rod. Agate Stripper. Ideal for a Triangle Taper 4 Bamboo Fly Line. Great original condition in the original bag and brass capped rod case. E. $975.00.

    14275. CROSS/SOUTH BEND CONVERSION 8'0" DOUBLE-BUILT BUTT. 3/2. #5. 4.0 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. CORK N/S DUAL RING. TRANSLUCENT CINNAMON. VARNISHED. Converted in 1996 from a 9 foot rod for 7 weight to an 8 foot rod for 5 weight by judicious trimming of section lengths to produce a light action dry fly rod. The work is pro-level with an excellent eye for detail. The butt, mid and one tip are fitted with hard chrome stainless guides, a 6.5" Cigar Grip, Bright ferrules guides, bright Nickel Silver dual ring Cork seat. The tip-tops are bright. The butt and one tip are Swiss style ferruled. The rod NEEDS a male/female set of #12 ferrules for the upper mid and the one unwrapped tip, plus a male ferrule size 17 for the bottom-mid. The cost of these needed ferrules is $78 for all from Golden Witch. The second tip needs guides and wraps. The rod is varnished and ready to finish out. Based on the taper dimensions, this rod will be fairly quick actioned dry fly rod with the 5 line after the ferrule work is completed. Comes with a hand sewn cloth sack and aluminum case. With a small amount of effort and less than $250 invested, you'll have a fun to cast and to fish trout rod. E. $150.00.

    14276 . DEMONBREUN - LEO. ~ STREAM MASTER RODS. 6'10" ON A DICKERSON 7012 TAPER . 2/2. #4/5. 3.5 oz. FAST DRY FLY. WALNUT N/S SLIDE BAND. TRANSLUCENT CINNAMON. VARNISHED. Leo De Monbreun was a bamboo rod builder from Old Hickory, Tenn. Who passed away in 2015. This magnificent little masterpiece (Serial # 0419) was made as a custom build in 2004 for noted fly fishing author, Richard Landerman. The caliber of craft is pro-level with an excellent eye for detail. Leo patterned the rod following the basic design of the Dickerson 7012 according to the case label. Fitted with an agatine stripper, black snakes and tip-tops, a 7" Western Style Grip, Bright, Swiss Ferrules and Reel Seat Hardware. This rod simply punches a TRIANGLE TAPER BAMBOO 4 Line with deadly accuracy and line speed. Fabulous hatch rod for any small stream. Comes with a hand sewn cloth sack and aluminum case. Barely used. N/M. $595.00.

  14216. DICKERSON - LYLE L. 8'0" MODEL 8014 - HOLLOW BUILT. 2/2. #4/5. 4-1/8 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. CEDAR D/L S/B. LIGHT BRONZE T/BLACK W/ FULL BRONZE INTERMEDIATES. VARNISHED. A very rare Dickerson Model, one of the very FEW Hollow Built Rods done By Lyle. An Early Example of perhaps the single best known of all the Dickerson models, this rod was treated to full intermediates and the early light Bronze thread color he used back then. Dated 1939 and personalized with the original owner's name lettered on the rod shaft in Dickerson's own hand, as was customary. The rod is completely original, with bright varnish, good ferrules, and wraps, straight sections and some age ridging in the original grip. The 8014 is known for has an almost magical feel and power reserve to allow pinpoint casts to rising trout with little false casting. I liked it best with the Wulff Triangle Taper BAMBOO #4 line. The rod appears to be in totally original condition and is aesthetically correct and sound in every way. Of course it has been used but it appears to have been given excellent care along the way. Everything is correct and authentic. Comes in the original cloth bag and Dickerson aluminum case.   E.    $4450.00.

   14215. DICKERSON - LYLE L. 9'0" MODEL 9015. 2/3. #6. 5.5 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. WALNUT D/L S/L. BRONZE T/BLACK. VARNISHED. Perhaps an unrecognized fact about Dickerson rods is that he made very few long, two-piece fly rods. Most were produced in three-piece configuration. This rod adds to that rarity by having been built in 1951 expressly for famed rod maker, Tim Bedford, who owned the Dickerson rod shop after Lyle's death and subsequently sold it to Jim Schaaf. The rod is inscribed "T. A. Bedford - 1951' in Dickerson's hand. This rod has an almost unbelievable power reserve to allow pinpoint 50' casts and will unload all of a WF6 line when asked. Sporting THREE perfect tips, this rod is totally original, barely used, nearly new and comes with the original bag and aluminum case. There is some age ridging on the original grip the precludes the MINT category. An important Dickerson rod. N/M.   $3200.00.   SOLD.

   14253. EDWARDS 8'6" QUADRATE. 2/2. #6/7. 5 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. ROSEWOOD/EBONITE REV S/L. ANTIQUE BRONZE. VARNISHED. This vintage Edwards Quad reflects Sam Carlson's efforts at the Edwards Co. Superb casting rod for a DT6 or WF7 line. Strong, positive, medium/fast dry fly action with lots of reserve power, common to a good quadrate rod, thus contributing to this rods ability to present a fly with accurate authority. The rod has been professionally refinished to as new condition and looks outstanding. I hung a large Young reel with a Triangle Taper #7 BAMBOO LINE on it and the rod came totally to life, a perfect set-up. It is straight, with sound ferrules and excellent craftsmanship on the expensive refinish. It is perfectly serviceable, ready to go and ready for a lifetime of usage. The cloth bag and Browning Sila-Flex plastic rod case are later add-ons. Really good Quads are very scarce these days. M/R. $975.00.

    14261. EDWARDS FOR L.L.BEAN 8'6" #1199 DRY FLY. 3/2. #5/6. 4.5 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. CEDAR D/L S/L. DEEP RED T/GOLD. VARNISHED. High quality L.L.Bean rod made for them by Edwards in the 1950's. This is a high grade Edwards rod equivalent in quality to the Edwards Deluxe model. The rod is totally sound and ready to fish with a really nice, lighter action for 5 line or maybe a WF6. The varnish is re-coated and bright. Looks nice. Blued ferrules, straight, no short sections. Original cloth bag and aluminum case. Sweet Action. E. $495.00.

    31350. EDWARDS – BRISTOL 8'6”. LIGHT ACTION F-5 MODEL. 3/2. #4/5. MEDIUM-FAST. CHROMED D/L S/L SEAT. RED. VARNISHED. Made in Bristol CT at the Edwards factory. Lettered 'Bristol, F-5' on the rod shaft in white ink. The original varnish has been re-coated and is sound. The two tips are short. One is 1 inch short and the other 10 inches, able to be scarf repaired to full length, restoring use. The long tip has had a hook dig overwrap, shown in the photo. The rod is sound and ready to fish as is. Swelled butt, Red Agate Stripping guide. This is a delightful light action trout rod rod built for a DT5 line or perhaps, a WF6, your choice. Perfect for trout and smallmouth fishing. Complete with the original cloth bag and aluminum case. Very low price considering the inherent quality level of this, the least costly of the famed Bristol rods. G. $135.00.

   14256. EDWARDS - VON LENGERKE & ANTOINE. 9'0" TIMAGAMI SPECIAL FLY ROD. 3/2. #6. 5 oz. MEDIUM/ FAST. CEDAR D/L S/L. MAROON T/ GOLD. VARNISHED. Timagami, is a municipality in northeastern Ontario, Canada, in Nipissing District with Lake Temagami at its heart.  This higher quality fly rod was sold by V. L.& A. of Chicago, circa the 1940's. The rod is original and complete throughout; straight and tight with full length sections. Varnish is showing some age but is still maintains excellent protection for the rod and the rod is totally fishable as is. Very fishable, in fact with a Triangle Taper #6 Classic line on it. Excellent example of Edwards' build quality, even for private label sellers. Complete with the original cloth bag and aluminum rod case, all in excellent condition. Scarce rod. E. $395.00.

    14277. GARRISON 8'0" MODEL 212 FLY ROD. 2/2. #5. 4 oz. MED/ PARABOLIC. CORK N/S S/B. TRANSLUCENT HONEY LEMON. VARNISHED. Serial No. E-8-13. This spectacular early Garrison was built in 1936, his fifth year of manufacture and was the 13th 8 footer made that year. These Hide Glued early model Garrison rods have become virtually impossible to find, especially one with so lovely an action as this rod has. The rod wraps and varnish were meticulously restored to a Garrison level of finish by Tom Maxwell over 45 years ago at Thomas & Thomas. This rod has not been fished since that restoration and remains in M/R condition. The rod remains straight with an excellent ferrule fit. The silk wraps are an exact match replacement for the originals. The hand lettering on the tips and butt were carefully preserved by Maxwell. The original cork grip and reel seat were also retained. Both show a teeny bit of ridging, but are practical and totally functional. The cap and ring hardware are original. The original ferrules are the early ones Garrison made on his own for many years before changing to Super-Z's in later years. They are tight and have a great fit. The bamboo is the early Garrison honey yellow color and the shaft shows the absence of apparent glue lines common to Garrison's later Resorcinol glued rods. Comes in the original bag original brass capped aluminum case. With less than 1000 Garrison rods ever made, this solid, straight, all original components, specimen in such a desirable fishing size is a fine investment at the very least. The refinish work is impeccable and virtually undistinguishable from the exact look of the original finish. This is an exceptional Garrison in superb, ready to go fishing condition. It will be a center-piece of any collection. M/R. $8450.00.

    14278. GILLUM - HAROLD STEELE 8'0" TROUT FLY ROD. 2/2. #6. 4.25 oz. FAST DRY FLY. MAHOGANY REV S/L. BROWN. VARNISHED. Serial No. 1789. Gillum's rods are limited to less than 2,000 ever produced in a lifetime and are considered among the rarest of the rare. Later serial number 1789 has a wonderfully fast all-around trout action designed by Pinky to throw a DT6 line. I've cast it with a TRIANGLE TAPER 6 BAMBOO and liked it best with that line. This rod was restored to new condition by Tom Maxwell at T&T in the mid 1970's and remains unfished since. It is in virtually new condition and is stamped 'H. S. Gillum, Maker' on the seat ring and is fitted with a Western grip and a Payne-style bright Aluminum reverse screw lock seat with a Mahogany filler. The Payne influence is quite clear in the seat design where there is a small hairline crack in the base of the seat. Tom also placed a 3/4" invisible wrap to support an tiny node crack at the first snake guide. Both are visible in the photo and of no mechanical consequence. The Cal-Air Champion case is original but has lost the Gillum Paper label. The cloth bag is original. This is a fabulous find, especially in this condition and is one of the nicest Gillum rods I've offered with an outstanding rod action that made Gillum's masterpieces so respected and sought after. M/R. $4850.00.

   14195. GRANGER - WRIGHT & MC GILL.   MODEL 7030.   7'0".  ARISTOCRAT. 2/2. #4. 3 oz. MEDIUM/FAST DRY FLY. REVERSE N/S S/L. GOLDEN BRONZE T/BROWN. VARNISHED. This model was first Introduced by Granger in the 1951 catalog and was made for only a few short years in the 1950's. The scarcest length of all the high grade Granger rods and one of the most fun to fish with. This magnificent rod is in pro-restored condition. The elusive 7 foot Granger Aristocrat Model rods are seldom encountered and when they are, they are seldom seen in this excellent fishing condition. Most require restoration work to fish. Rare, Hammer Grip shape and Nickel Silver Screw Lock Reel Seat. This rod is not in perfectly new or as new condition, so don't expect that. It has some roughness in the original grip. It is, however a fine condition specimen of a very rare rod that is perfectly fishable as is.  No concerns to take fishing. The action of this very scarce, very collectible model will absolutely delight you with a #4 line. The full wells hammer grip makes the rod a pleasure to cast. Sweet and delicate line presentation. Great chance to own one of the best fishing, 7 foot rods ever built in whole, uncompromised condition. Includes the original cloth bag and original aluminum rod case. Great find!! NM/R. $985.00.

   14194. GRANGER - WRIGHT & MC GILL 9'0" STREAM & LAKE. MODEL 9059. 3/2. #6/7. 5-1/2 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. FULL N/S REV S/L.  RED.  VARNISHED. One of Granger's later models made in the early 1950's. This rod had been treated to a refresher varnish overcoat and is in close to new condition. All is near perfect save for some minor grip ridging from age. Comes in the original cloth bag and Peerless aluminum rod tube. The action of Granger rods leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. This rod is as nice as they come for a DT6 or WF7 line. It really comes into its own with a Triangle Taper 6 PLUS!   E.PLUS. $450.00.

    14260. H-I 7'6" TONKA QUEEN. 2/2. #5/6 4.5 oz. FAST. GREEN PLASTIC S/L. GOLDEN BRONZE T/BROWN. VARNISHED. H-I's highest quality two piece rod model with a swelled butt and a very nice, fishable action. This later Horrocks-Ibbotson rod is in amazingly good original condition and shows very light actual fishing use. Nice feeling rod for a #5 or 6 line with a good trout action. Both tips are full length. The second tip had a fracture that was repaired and reinforced with repair over-wraps as shown in the photo. It appears sound and fishable. Varnish is good. Rod needs nothing to fish. Original bag and aluminum case. Good entry level bamboo rod without high cost. E. $175.00.

      14238. HARDY 4'4" PHANTOM – "MINI". 2/1. #4. 1 OZ. .FAST. CORK S/B. BLACK T/RED. VARNISHED. Possibly the most interesting and certainly the most desired of all the Hardy rods. This diminutive rod model was made for a very short time in the mid 60's and captures the imagination of everyone who handles it. SOLD EXCLUSIVELY BY A&F IN NY AND NORM THOMPSON ON THE WEST COAST. It seems totally impractical at first glance, but then, when you actually cast and fish the rod it turns out to be some of the most legal fun you're allowed. This rod is completely original including the rod bag and aluminum rod case. SUPER SCARCE describes this rod very accurately.   N/M. $775.00.

   14283. HARDY 7'0" C. C .DE FRANCE. 2/1. #4/5. 3.0 oz. MEDIUM PARABOLIC. CORK SLIDE BAND. DARK MUSTARD WITH FULL INTERMEDIATES. VARNISHED. S/N 12664. Built in 1957, this rod is nearly as fresh as the day it was made and is in lightly used condition. The full working, parabolic action of this rod generates a fast line speed and although the rod can cast a DT4 with delicate precision, it can also throw a WF5 into next month. Amazing versatility in this little rod from Hardy. The seat is an aluminum slide band over cork, Agate stripper and tip top, Oxidized ferrules with a Walnut ferrule plug. It comes in the original Hardy bag with Hardy hang tag and the original Hardy labeled aluminum rod case. N/M. $695.00.

   14284. HARDY 8'0" PHANTOM PALAKONA. 2/1. #4/5. 3.3 oz. MEDIUM PARABOLIC . CORK SLIDE BAND. BLACK T/ RED. VARNISHED. S/N H50481A. Built in 1964 this rod is as fresh as the day it was made and is in unused condition. The full working, parabolic action of this rod generates a fast line speed and although the rod can cast a DT4 with delicate precision, it can also throw a WF5 into next month. Amazing versatility in this really sweet trout rod from Hardy. The grip is covered with the original plastic, the seat is an aluminum slide band over cork, Agate stripper, Oxidized ferrules with an Aluminum ferrule plug. It comes in the original Hardy bag and the original Hardy labeled aluminum rod case. M. $595.00.

14267.   KUSHNER - MORRIS  6'11". EXELEREME.   2/1.  #5.  3OZ.  FAST/PARABOLIC.   CORK DUAL RING SKELETON.   BLACK/GREEN JASPER.  VARNISHED.   Michigan rod builder, Morris Kushner is thought to have made fewer than 200 rods before his death in 1973. Most of these were given to friends and acquaintances, rather than sold, which accounts for why so few fishermen have ever even seen a Kushner rod and for their undersupply to collectors eager to have one. 'Morris The Rodmaker' began his career after his retirement from his engineering/tool & die making business in the 1960's. He built all his own rod making equipment which later came into the possession of Bob Summers, who began making rods on his own after acquiring this equipment. Kushner's rods are well engineered and well constructed with excellent, first caliber actions. No surprise then, that people who are fortunate enough to own one of these rods are not likely to let it go. This one has a smooth and fast, semi-parabolic action for a #5 line. It really came aliveforme with a Triangle Taper 5 BAMBOO line. Lightly flamed cane with a medium hue is nicely offset by the classic Black/Green Jasper wraps. Bright drawn ferrules, a larger diameter, Standard Cigar grip made for a large hand and bright dual ring, cork filled seat round out the amenities. Comes in a replacement cloth bag and aluminum rod case. Hand lettered 'EXELEREME - By Morris Kushner' on the rod shaft. Celereme is Latin for a rapid rate of speed or velocity and is a very apt name for Kushner built rods. "Scarce, rare, hard to find, desirable, difficult to acquire, important, etc" are all words that describe Kushner's rods. Rare collector opportunity here especially for a SHORT Kushner. MOST Kushner rods were made with a single tip only.   E.   $1495.00.

   14282. LACEY - GARY 7'3" ROYAL 'L'. 3/2. #4. 3.4 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. SPALTED & BURLED CHERRY ROOT WOOD N/S S/B. TRANSLUCENT ANTIQUE BRONZE TIPPED CHESTNUT. VARNISHED. Your first look at a Lacey rod will take your breath away! One cast and and you'll be convinced you made a fabulous rod acquisition! There are a very small number of contemporary rod makers active today, whose work is simply the finest extant. Georgia Master builder, Gary Lacey created a rod Series worthy of inclusion in that elite group. Gary's rods are just as darned close to perfect as any I've ever seen. A number of years ago when Gary was actively building, I asked him to make me a lightweight dry fly rod. We settled on a 7'3" #4 rod in three piece design in the F. E .Thomas pattern, which I am partial to. When the rod arrived, it flat-out blew me away! The attention to details, the caliber of craft, the appearance of the rod was only surpassed by how well it cast for me with a Triangle Taper 4 Classic Line. It has sparkle to take your breath away and a 'WOW' factor that will make you forget to inhale. Incredible attention to details abound everywhere: from the rich looking, dark-toned, flamed cane color given life by an impeccable varnish finish, to the perfectly executed thread wrap edgings, to the highly figured, Spalted and Burled Cherry Root Wood that came out of Gary's back yard, gracefully carved into a morticed reel seat offset by the finely knurled and intricately detailed Rope Knurling on the bright Nickel Silver seat parts and hardware, to the hand-crafted, rope knurled front winding check and fly keeper, to the intricate and detailed signature wraps, to the delicately engraved maker's signature on the butt cap. All of the guides are hand-made by Gary in the English reverse configuration of specially treated Stainless Steel wire that looks like antique bronzed guides, but won't wear or discolor as quickly. Even the Red Agate stripping guide is totally hand made to a unique design that employs a dual Rope Knurled N/S frame and there is a pair of rope-knurled ferrule plugs capped in the same wood as the reel seat, just additional mind-blowing attention to detail. And, of course, the cloth bag and heavy brass capped case are wonderfully done. If workmanship speaks for itself, then this rod simply says it all. The reel seat is inlaid with my initials in 22k solid gold wire as shown in the photo. They just don't come much better than this. M. $2750.00.

14227. LEONARD 5'3" BAIT CAST ROD. 2/2. FOR 3/8 TO 5/8 OZ LURES. FULL N/S S/B. RED. VARNISHED. Classic Staggered ferrule design that is ready to fish and still an accurate caster and a very viable fishing rod. Tips are light enough and suited to the lighter lures. Early pre-1925 Split Bamboo Plug Casting Rod. Made with Red Agate first guides, two nickle silver tunnel guides, and Red Agate tip-tops. Fore and rear grips are of narrow 3/8 cork rings, correct for the period. Full N/S slide lock seat. Now fitted to a new heavy canvas cloth rod bag and tips are held in the original felt lined tip form. Replacement rod case. This rod has been completely professionally restored to as new condition and is a collector's or fisherman's prize. M/R.   $295.00.


   14229. LEONARD 7'0" MODEL 38. 2/2. #4. 3-1/8 oz. MEDIUM DRY FLY. BUTTERNUT ALUM S/L. TAN T/ DARK BROWN. VARNISHED. Serial # 3007. Made in 1975 by Ted Simroe and Bob Taylor with bright fittings and ferrules. Gentle Medium action is perfect for small dry flies and small bead-heads. Rod has been used sparingly and remains in excellent plus original condition, about as good as you'll find a used rod that actually was fished a little bit. Complete with original cloth rod bag and correctly labeled brass capped aluminum case. Sweet with a Triangle Taper 4 Classic line. E. PLUS. $1650.00.


14233. LEONARD 7'6" MODEL 39. 2/2. #3/4. 3-3/8 oz. MEDIUM. BUTTERNUT S/L. RED. VARNISHED. Serial # 1622. Ultra smooth, easy casting, early 1970's Leonard rod with a light dry fly action. Factory lined for a 4 line, but, I felt it performed at maximum using a TRIANGLE TAPER BAMBOO #3. That line just settled the rod down and it felt really good to me. Light and super delicate.  Lightly used and still in superb fishing condition. Well kept. Complete with stiffened rod bag, factory brass capped rod case. The perfect light action dry fly trout rod for a #3 or 4 line from some of the best of times in the Leonard History.                E.    $1250.00.

14163   14163. LEONARD 7'6" MODEL 39. 2/2. #4/5. 3-5/8 oz. MEDIUM. BUTTERNUT S/L. DARK TAN T/BROWN. VARNISHED. Ultra smooth casting, mid 70's Leonard rod with a gentle, easy casting medium dry fly action. Serial no 3525. Factory lined for a 5 line, I felt it performed at maximum using a TRIANGLE TAPER BAMBOO #4. That line just settled the rod down and it felt really good to me. Barely used and still in 'newish' condition. Well kept and cared for. Complete with ferrule plug, bag, factory labeled brass capped rod case. The perfect light action dry fly trout rod for a #4/5 line. E. $1650.00.

14175  14175. MANISTEE SPECIAL 6'11" CUSTOM BAMBOO FLY ROD. 2/1. 4/5. 3 oz. FAST. DOWNLOCK ALUMINUM. BLACK T/ RED. VARNISHED. Well done custom built rod with a fast dry fly action. Suited for a DT4 or WF5 line to make short and precise casts for accurate dry fly presentations. Western cigar grip, straight rod sections, tight ferrules, excellent wrap and varnish work all combine to produce an enjoyable trout for at a great price. Comes in a cloth bag and modern aluminum rod case, N/M. $295.00.

    14273. MAURER - GEORGE. SWEETWATER RODS 7'3" EAGLE CREEK. 2/2. #4/5. 3.6 oz. FAST. BURLED AMBOYNA N/S S/B. TRANSLUCENT CINNAMON. VARNISHED. Built in 2007. Serial #2. This rod is one of several held by the Maurer family after George's untimely death in 2008. This superb trout rod possesses a beautifully balanced dry fly action for a DT4/WF5 line. Hand made and beautifully finished, George Maurer's rods are a delight to own and fish. Strikingly handsome dark side of medium color bamboo dressed with medium flaming - especially attractive with the translucent Cinnamon brown wraps, Gloss varnish finish, black stripper, black snake guides, oxidized Super-Z style ferrules, Half-Wells grip and oxidized Nickel Silver D/L Slide Band reel seat with a beautiful filler of morticed Burled Amboyna Wood. The rod features a swelled butt and an especially well balanced, fine tipped progressive action that casts a DT4 with accomplished accuracy. Comes with a hand sewn cloth sack and aluminum rod case with Brass color cap, collar and bottom. Very sweet rod with a pleasant, smooth action. BRAND NEW. $1850.00.   SOLD.

    14274. MAURER - GEORGE. SWEETWATER RODS 7'6" STARLIGHT CREEK SPECIAL. 2/2 #5 3.9 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. BURLED WALNUT N/S S/B. TRANSLUCENT CINNAMON. VARNISHED. Built in 2005. Serial #2. This rod is one of several held by the Maurer family after George's untimely death in 2008. Beautifully hand made with a professional eye for detail and finish and top quality throughout. The bamboo color on this hand planed and finely crafted rod is a handsome even-toned Caramel flame color with golden toned nodes and boasting a swelled butt - just delightful with the Translucent Cinnamon wraps, Bright guides, bright Nickel Silver Cap & Ring seat and ferrules. The rod features a smooth, progressive dry fly action that casts beautifully with a DT5 line at distance and also works very well at short range, in close fishing. Extremely well made and finished, George Maurer rods are a delight to own and fish and since his passing have become of very strong interest to collectors. Comes with a hand sewn cloth sack and aluminum case with brass cap. BRAND NEW. $1850.00.

    14272. MAURER - GEORGE. SWEETWATER RODS 7'9" ROCKY MOUNTAIN XP. 2/2. #5. 4.0 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. WALNUT BURL D/L N/S S/L. TRANSLUCENT CINNAMON. VARNISHED. Built in 2006. Serial #1. This rod is one of several held by the Maurer family after George's untimely death in 2008. Beautifully hand made with a professional eye for detail and finish and top quality throughout. The bamboo color on this hand planed rod is a handsome even-toned Caramel flame color with golden toned nodes and boasting a swelled butt - just delightful with the Translucent Cinnamon wraps, Titanium blued snakes & tops, oxidized Z-style ferrules, modified half-wells grip and a bright down-locking Nickel Silver screw lock seat with a fine piece of highly figured, morticed Burled Circassian Walnut as a filler. What really makes this rod so special is the smooth authority of its casting action and what it does with a Triangle Taper 5 or a DT5, but with the TT5 it is one of the most delightful, light line, longer length, cane rods you'll ever try. 'Truly Awesome' are the words that spring to mind. Comes with a cloth bag and heavy brass capped aluminum case. Longer length, five weight rods this good don't come by that often. BRAND NEW. $1750.00.