Batt.... Standard Orvis walnut down locking seat.                

S/L or D/L. Screw lock (down locking).

Rev. S/L or U/L. Up locking screw lock seat.

S/B. Single slide band (cap & ring) seat.

C/R or cap & ring. Same as S/B seat.

Skeleton. Two sliding bands only.

Dual Ring. Same as skeleton seat.

N/S. Nickel Silver hardware.

Full N/S-S/B. Seat barrel, slide band and hardware are Nickel Silver.



N or New. New merchandise. Never used, first time sold.

M-Mint. AS NEW. Never Used.

M/R-Mint Restored. Professionally refinished to new condition.

N/M-Near Mint. Close to new. Barely used.

E-Excellent. Above average condition with light use only.

VG-Very Good. Average condition. Shows light to normal use and is ready to take fishing.

G-Good. Shows use and routine care. Needs no work to fish.

F-Fair. Needs only minor work to fish.

P-Poor. Structurally sound. Needs major refinish or repair work.


14085  14085. C. P. NEUNER - CARMANS RIVER ROD CO. 6'7" TROUT MODEL. 2/2. #4. 3.0 oz. MEDIUM/ FAST. BURLED MAPLE N/S S/B. TRANSLUCENT CLEAR T/BLACK. VARNISHED. Superb, light line dry fly rod built by Chuck Neuner of the Carmans River Ro Company. Delightfully crisp, fast tip action for a WF4 line and small dries and upstream nymphing and small-stream pocket fishing. It cannot get any better than this for this fly rod. Masterfully crafted, pro-level fit and finish, subtle beauty, cane done right all speak to this rod. Standard Cigar grip, gorgeous Burled Maple spacer oxidized N/S seat and hardware, ferrule plug, mirror image tips, It's all there even for the picky bamboo buyer. No caveats or dis-appointments with Chuck's fine work. Comes in a cloth rod bag and brass-capped anodized aluminum rod case. BRAND NEW. $1475.00.



14078. ORVIS 6'6" DELUXE. 2/2. #4/5. 2 OZ. MEDIUM/FAST. CORK DUAL RING. BROWN/ IMPREGNATED.  This rod was built by George Reid & Cal Skinner in the mid 1960's. The rod has an incredibly fine dry fly action for a #4 or 5 line and just jumped to life for me with a Triangle Taper PLUS #4 line. Capable of precise, pinpoint casts, throwing a tight, controlled line loop. Serial #29991. The grip and cork seat are showing a bit of striation roughness, but are totally serviceable. The Deluxe and the subsequent Superfine series rods from Orvis are generally regarded as two of Orvis's finest bamboo rod models. We MUST concur! This one is really nice as a small stream dry fly rod. Totally original with the original bag and case. E. $695.00.



14080.  ORVIS  6'6"  ROCKY MOUNTAIN FLY & SPIN ROD.  3/2.  #5 & 1/8 TO 1/4 OZ LURES.  3-1/8 oz.  FAST.  CORK DUAL RING.  BROWN. IMPREGNATED.  Serial # 52894. Made in 1969 by Ron White.   Fished and well cared for. Still in honest excellent used condition. Very functional and versatile light action dry fly rod that really is nice to cast with a Triangle Taper 5 Plus fly line. An extremely desirable and collectible Orvis product with good appreciation potential. They are simply not made like this anymore. Original bag and labeled aluminum case.   E.  $425.00.

1415414154.  ORVIS 7'0" SEVEN/FOUR.  3/2.  #3/4.  3-3/8 oz.  MEDIUM.   MAPLE U/L N/S S/B.   TRANSLUCENT TAN T/CINNAMON.  IMPREGANTED.  THIS MODEL WAS ONE OF THE LAST OF THE BEST OF THE CLASSIC STRAIGHT-BUTT ORVIS MODELS. Arguably one of the most desired and sought-after of the light line Orvis models and especially rare, due to limited production and covetous owners so this model seldom comes up for sale. Perfect for small flies and fine tippets, I prefer it best with a Triangle Taper 4 Classic line. Really nice as a headwaters small stream rod and the classic three piece design, makes it perfect for hiking in. Much desired Orvis rod model. This rod is serial #87966 made in 2001-02 by Ron White. It has NEVER BEEN fished and is in MINT condition. One of the most desired of the very fine Orvis three piece rods with a strong measure of collectibility due to its rarity. Fish or collect - your choice. In the original cloth bag and labeled brass-capped rod case.    M.   $1295.00.   SOLD.

14099  14099. ORVIS - MANCHESTER 8'6" BATTENKILL. 2/2. #5/6. 4-1/2 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. BATTENKILL S/L. BROWN. IMPREGNATED. Serial number 6784. This is an ED HEMPHILL BUILT Battenkill, built on 7/22/48. "PAT. PEND." inscribed on shaft referring the Impregnating Patent issued in 1949. This rod was restored to new at Orvis more than 20 years ago and remains in Mint condition. This earlier model was made for a DT5 line, but cast it with a Triangle Taper PLUS 5 or a Bamboo Special 5 line and you will be totally charmed. This rod is an incredibly well preserved example of the talented builders from the Orvis glory days of bamboo prominence. In the original aluminum rod case and a later replacement Orvis rod bag. M/R. $795.00. 


14143   14143.    ORVIS 8'6" BATTENKILL. 2/2. #8/9. 5-1/8 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. BATT. WALNUT S/L. BROWN. IMPREGNATED.   Serial # 66443. Made in 1972 with a size 15 ferrule set and a heavier action of flamed bamboo with two matching factory tips. Higher grade Orvis in a seldom seen length and line weight. (Most Orvis Battenkill rods are 8 foot or less) making this rod a relatively scarce model. The rod shows very light use. This rod is in almost new fishing condition and a real bargain at this price. Casts best for me with a DT8 or WF9 line. Exceptional bass, salt or salmon rod. Original bag and labeled aluminum rod case.   N/M.   $495.00.   SOLD.

14097  14097. ORVIS - MANCHESTER 9'0" SHOOTING STAR. 2/2. #9 7-3/4 oz. FAST. CHROMED D/L S/L. BROWN. IMPREGNATED. Serial number 11553. This is a GEORGE REID & CAL SKINNER rod, built on 6/22/51. This is an earlier Shooting Star that remains in newish original condition. It shows virtually no use and is completely original. Only an aging grip with a bit of roughness moves it to the excellent category. This earliest model boasts chromed brass reel seat that adds an extra ounce of weight behind the hand for better rod balance, a definite advantage. Fitted with the correct for this rod model Aetna Foul-Proof guides. Orvis's most popular big bamboo rod in great fishing condition condition. A giveaway at this price. Original rod bag and original Cal-Air rod case. E. $450.00.

14018 14018 . PAYNE – JIM. 7'0". MODEL 97. 2/2. #3/4. 2-3/4 oz. MEDIUM/ FAST. CEDAR FILLED U/L S/L. BROWN T/YELLOW. VARNISHED . The rarest & lightest action model of the seven foot Jim Payne rods. Very, very scarce seven footer with Payne's smoothest action for a delicate DT3 or WF4 line. Considered by many to be Jim Payne's nicest seven footer. This rod was originally sold by A&F as a single tip rod, built to order, with a Western Grip and Reverse Screw Lock reel seat, unusual for this model. In the mid 1970's T&T added a second tip to the rod with an exact action match and refinished the rod to original specs. It has not been used since. Overall the rod is in perfect fishing condition with all other components original Payne, including the bag, ferrule plug and rod case. Short Payne rods continue to elude collectors and to escalate in value. An excellent investment that you can still thoroughly enjoy using without compromising the value. M/R. $3650.00.

 13471. PHILLIPSON. 7'0". HAYWOOD ZEPHYR. 2/1. #5. 3.9 oz. FAST. TENITE U/L S/L REEL SEAT. BRONZE T/ BLACK. VARNISHED.    This is a very unusual rod with an interesting pedigree. Made by Bill Phillipson in the Granger style as a private label rod for a Western outfitter. The reel seat is an unusual design up-locking style with a trademark Phillipson Tenite filler, quite rare. The rod is totally original and in near mint, barely used condition. The grip is a "HAMMER" style Full Wells, so popular in the late 1940's. This rod has a wonderfully fast dry fly action and just fires out a TT5 line. The rod bag and the aluminum rod case are both vintage original Phillipson. This is your chance to own a fantastic 7 foot rod of excellent quality for cheap money thanks to the single tip which all of this model were originally made with. N/M. $495.00.

13961 13961. PHILLIPSON - BILL 8'6" PACEMAKER. 3/2 . #5/6. 4-3/4 oz. MEDIUM/ FAST. TENITE D/L S/L. DARK BROWN. VARNISHED. This early 1950'S Phillipson rod has a lovely varnish finish and is a very handsome rod, having been professionally refinished a while back. It has a comfortable full wells grip and superb action for a DT5 or WF6 line. The rod is in perfect fishing condition with original bag and case. Ready to fish and give long-term service with excellent appreciation potential. N/MR.    $450.00.

14090  14090.   POWELL - E. C.   9'6"   HOLLOW-BUILT TROUT.  2/2.   #6.   4-5/8 oz.   MED/FAST. BAKELITE REV S/L.   BRONZE W/ BRONZE INTERMED.   VARNISHED.   E.C. Powell's Marysville built rods are considered by most knowledgeable bamboo fans to be the finest lightweight, long length, bamboo rods ever made. This exquisite 9-1/2 footer is no exception. The rod feels like an 9 footer in the hand and has a powerful, yet delicate action with a #6  line. Fantastically smooth with a Triangle Taper Bamboo Special #6 line.    A superb trout or smallmouth rod for open water of from a canoe or drift boat. The rod remains in original condition and the varnish is bright. One tip is 4" short, thus the reduced price, otherwise, no issues. With a red agate stripping guide and original bag and case with replacement cap.   VG.    950.00.

14110   14110 . SHAKESPEARE. 5'6" BAIT CAST MODEL A1114L. 1 piece. FOR 1/4 TO 1/2 OZ LURES. DETACHABLE TRIGGER REEL SEAT. ORANGE /BLACK JASPER. VARNISHED. In excellent, completely original condition with silk threads and has the original red agate guides and tip-top. This one piece, ferruled detachable handled rod retains an unmolested 'Honor Built - Honor Sold' Shakespeare decal on the swelled butt above the grip. These light lure bamboo bait cast rods almost never turn up. In the day most fishermen used heavier lures and rods. These lighter rods are still practical for fishing today's lighter weight lures. Cloth bag only, no case. Nice Collector.    E PLUS. $250.00.

14145    14145. SHAKESPEARE. 9'0" MODEL 1362-9. 3/2 6/7 4-7/8 oz. MED/ FAST. TENITE FILLED REV S/L. BLACK/ORANGE JASPER. VARNISHED. Vintage production Shakespeare from the 1940's with complete original decal and markings preserved. Rod remains in original condition and requires only minor work to restore to perfect fishing condition. It needs two new tip-tops, an alchohol rubdown and a varnish re-coat, one ferrule re-glued to finish out. Take it fishing after that. Agate stripper and bronze snakes, all original hardware, all sections full-length, a perfect candidate for minor restore and a lifetime of great fishing use. Perfect caster with a Triangle Taper 6 Plus fly line. Original cloth bag only, no case. G. $75.00.

13933b13933a 13933c

 13933. J. S. SHARPE OF ABERDEEN BAMBOO BAIT CAST ROD & 1930'S PFLUEGER BULLDOG MODEL BAIT CAST REEL. 5'0". SCOTTY MODEL ROD. PFLUEGER BULLDOG REEL = THE CONSUMMATE VINTAGE CASTING OUTFIT. 2/1. Fresh Water Lures- 3/8 to 5/8 lures. Straight Grip w/ Spiral Slide Band N/S Lock-up. Bronze w/ Bronze Intermediates. Varnished. Chicago style, staggered ferrule, two piece design w/ fixed, straight, Spiral locking N/S slide band seat. Swelled butt construction. Agate Guides and tip-top. Front & rear grips. Nickel Silver seat is Hard Rubber with a spiral groove in which the locking ring rides to lock-up. Very novel seat design also used by Goodwin Granger here in the States. The rod remains in very good original condition with 1930's vintage spiral locking ferrules as pictured. (Secure coupling for this style rod and popularized by Hardy c. 1930's). The varnish shows a few minor rough areas, but remains sound and properly protecting the rod. Original Labeled Cloth bag and aluminum rod case The reel is and unstamped Pflueger Bulldog Model, Kentucky style, non-level mind reel. Made of Nickel Plated Brass with Hard Rubber side plates, On-off Click Switch and Sliding Drag Switch. Shows some brassing and a really nice patina. The reel works perfectly and comes in a soft suede leather bag This is truly a scarce combination and just ideal for vintage tackle outings.   G. $295.00.

14108  14108. SHARPES OF ABERDEEN 7'6" SCOTTIE FEATHERWEIGHT FLY ROD. 2/1. #5. 3.9 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. CORK S/B. BURGUNDY. IMPREGNATED. This rod is in near mint original condition showing virtually no fishing use. Great first trout rod with a trouble free impregnated finish. Solid, authoritative action for a Triangle Taper #5 line. Unsurpassed as a quality first bamboo rod that is both capable of withstanding considerable abuse and is not so quickly outgrown. Made in Scotland by J.S. Sharpe and sold in the U.S. by Angler's Mail in Cleveland in the late 70's. Complete with original labeled cloth bag and added aluminum case. PLEASE NOTE: By the 1980's these workhorse Rod Models made in Scotland by J.S.SHARPE and FARLOW-SHARPE were discontinued in the states despite their unwavering popularity here in the 1960's and 1970's. That is unfortunate, as many of today's younger anglers have no idea of the fishing value of these yeoman-like rods. They are well constructed, virtually bullet-proof and still have useful casting and fishing value, even today. Please do not let their generally low prices put you off. They are simply readily available, (like ORVIS bamboo rods) and all you are paying for is high fishing value, not collector potential. N/M. $425.00.

14060 14060. J. S. SHARPE - SCOTTIE 8'3" EIGHTY-THREE. 2/1. #6. 4-3/8 oz. MEDIUM-FAST. CORK D/L S/L. DARK RED. IMPREGNATED. The concept of this rod model is similar to the famed 'Fario Club' model which did more to popularize the Staggered Ferrule design/Parabolic action in the U.S than any other. Made in the Sharpe rod shop in Aberdeen, Scotland with a Staggered Ferrule design, but one that has a more progressive action, well suited to all-around trouting and throws a #6 line a long way. The classic Cigar Grip and down locking seat work well together. Comes in the original cloth bag and aluminum tube. If you are looking for a powerhouse trout or bass rod for small money that performs well, here it is. E. $295.00.

14027 14027. SOUTH BEND. 7'3". BLUE WATERS. 2/2. #6. 4-1/4 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. UPGRADED ALUMINUM REVERSE SCREW LOCK. TAN T/DARK BROWN. VARNISHED. This rod started out about 1941 at a 7'6" length and is a rare South Bend rod in two-pice design. It was referruled during a complete pro refinish in 1994 and was shortened to the present 7'3" length. The rod is lightly flamed and has a fast, powerful dry fly action for a WF6 line. Capable of pin-point accuracy at 60 feet if required, but fishes like a dream at normal distances. Fishes best in-close (15 to 30 feet) with a TT6 PLUS LINE. This rod has seen no use since its refinish and remains in M/R condition with a cloth bag and aluminum case. Feels real good in the hand with a power reserve that belies its light weight. Scarce model. M/R. $225.00.

14004-5 14004. SOUTH BEND. 7'6". MODEL 290 TROUT ROD. 2/2. #5/6. 4.5 oz. FAST. TENITE REV S/L. ORANGE/BLACK JASPER. VARNISHED. Very popular and getting scarcer every year is this very fishable and popular South Bend made only for a few years in the 1940's, early 50's. It is the only two piece fly rod model S/B ever built. Fun rod with a good fast dry fly action for a DT5 or WF6 line. The rod is in near mint original condition, perfect for the collector. It is also in perfect fishing condition and is straight and tight. In totally original condition including the original labeled bag, and the lableled. war-time, cardboard rod case. Comficient thumb rest in the grip is still labeled. The rod has seen some light fishing use but remains in near mint original condition and is a terrific introductory rod to bamboo at reasonable cost. N/M. $425.00.


14004-5 14005.  SOUTH BEND. 7'6". MODEL 290 TROUT ROD. 2/2. #5/6. 4.5oz. FAST. TENITE REV S/L. ORANGE/BLACK JASPER. VARNISHED. Very popular and getting scarcer every year is this very fishable and popular South Bend made only for a few years in the 1940's, early 50's. It is the only two piece fly rod model S/B ever built. Fun rod with a good fast dry fly action for a DT5 or WF6 line. The rod is in near mint original condition, perfect for the collector. It is also in perfect fishing condition and is straight and tight. In totally original condition including the original labeled bag. The later added aluminum rod case is not labeled. Comficient thumb rest in the grip is still labeled. The rod has seen some light fishing use but remains in near mint original condition and is a terrific introductory rod to bamboo at reasonable cost. N/M. $425.00.

14101  14101. SOUTH BEND 8'6" MODEL 12. - CIRCA 1930. 3/2. #5/6. 5 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. FULL N/S S/B. GOLDEN BRONZE T/BLACK W/ FULL INTERMEDIATES. VARNISHED. This rod was made one side or the other circa 1930, likely by Wes Jordan or under his direction. It has an incredibly modern dry fly action for a DT5 or WF6 line. I liked it most with a Triangle Taper 5 plus. For some unknown reason it appear that the reel seat was removed a long time ago and the cork grip shortened at the rear by 1" making the butt 1" shorter than the other three sections. Odd, but of no fishing consequence. Nor is the second tip at 1/2" short from a tip-top reset. The N/S Ferrules are sound. The reel seat is dented and totally functional. Red Agate stripper. Pre-decal use with the SB LOGO stamped into the N/S Seat. The varnish is aging, but sound and still protecting the bamboo. The rod is in 'Take me fishing' condition and needs no work to use. Fit this with a period fly reel loaded with a TT5 Plus line and you will be mesmerized by the feel of this fly rod. Original cloth bag and replacement rod case. Nothing fancy here, just a great fishing rod.  G.  $150.00.    SOLD.

13989 13989.  TAYLOR - R. D.  6'6".   DURACANE MODEL.   2/1.   #4.  2-3/4 oz.   MEDIUM/FAST. BUTTERNUT N/S S/B.   DARK GREEN.   IMPREGNATED.   Patterned after Leonard's first impregnated rod, originally built from 1971 to 1974. Those original Duracane rods are still eagerly sought after as a first rate fishing tool. Bob's version is finished in a dark flamed bamboo with bright Leonard style N/S ferrules and fittings, dark green wraps and black guides as on the original it emulates. Unlike the original this higher quality rod is built with a gently Swelled Butt and a nearly perfect high polish finish. Graced with a no-nonsense, dry fly action to effortlessly cast a DT4 line, this rod takes the Duracane magic to its next evolutional level. Made with one tip only to keep the initial cost at the lowest level possible. Fabulous Brookie Rod. Original Cloth bag, brass capped case.     M.     $995.00.

 13673.  TAYLOR - R. D.  7'6".   MODEL 35-4.   3/2.   #4.  3.5 oz.   MEDIUM/FAST.  BUTTERNUT N/S S/B.   BRONZE T/RED.  VARNISHED.   Exceptionally well made rod by Bob Taylor, former Leonard and T&T rodmaker. One of Bob's natural bamboo straw color rods with a precise, no-nonsense, graceful, medium-fast dry fly action for a DT4 line. and delivers that line with authority. The rod is handsomely finished out with a complimenting quarteer-sawn, Dark Butternut Wood reel seat and bright nickel silver ferrules and reel seat parts. This rod is suggestive of an exquisitely built, classic, three piece, custom wrapped Leonard rod from the 50's and casts at least as well, if not better. Complete with brass appointed aluminum case and handmade stiffened rod bag. Classic 3 piece rod design. Ultra High Grade Work.  BRAND NEW.  $3250.00

 13931. TAYLOR - BOB. 7'6". MODEL 25-4. 2/2. #4. 3.5 oz. Medium/Fast. Butternut N/S S/B. Dark Golden Bronze t/Red. Varnished. The action of this rod is as sweet as they come for fishing with a delicate DT4 line and small to medium trout flies at reasonable distances. Of course the rod can cast 70 feet, but between 15 and 40 feet, you'll never find a rod that feels any better than this one. One of Bob Taylor's flame-toned bamboo colored rods with an exquisitely delicate dry fly action for a DT4 line. Rod is finished with a beautifully complimenting Butternut reel seat and oxidized nickel silver ferrules and reel seat parts. Treated to a swelled butt, two-up node spacing and perfect varnish, this rod reminds me of an impeccably well-built Halstead rod from the 50's. Complete with brass appointed aluminum case and handmade rod bag. Appears unused. N/M. $2950.00.

 13897. TAYLOR - BOB. 7'9". MODEL 359-5. 3/2. #5. 3.5 oz. Fast Parabolic. Birdseye Maple N/S S/B. Golden Bronze t/Red. Varnished. Natural toned bamboo. Bright N/S ferrules and fittings. Exceptionally well made rod by Bob Taylor, former Leonard and T&T rod maker. Made with a powerful, full working, fast parabolic action, perfect for a TT#5 line. This rod can unload an entire fly line once you get the timing down. Bob's rods boast Ultra High Grade Work, including impeccable wrap and finish work. Black guides with Dark Bronze wraps delicately tipped Red are a handsome finish for a first rate rod. Hand made soft cloth rod sack and brass capped aluminum rod case. BRAND NEW. $3250.00.  


14138   14138. THOMAS - F.E. 8'6" SPECIAL - LAKE TROLLING ROD. 3/2. 7-1/4 oz. SPECIAL GRADE LAKE TROLLING ROD. CEDAR S/L. DARK BROWN. VARNISHED. Lovely light action trolling rod that astoundingly had to have been used at least once to produce the calamity of a 3 inch short tip and likely never used again as all is in otherwise near mint condition. A new Agate top was placed to repair the now short second tip. Stamped '217' on bottom of butt cap. Features nickel silver tunnel guides and AGATE Stripper and Tops. Perfect example of these now obsolete fishing tools. A delightful find for the collector. Complete with original bag, bag tag and period aluminum case. E PLUS. $165.00.   SOLD.

14086  14086.   THOMAS & THOMAS   7'0"  THE MIDGE.  2/2.   #4.  2.9 OZ.   MEDIUM FAST.   WALNUT N/S S/B.  TRANSLUCENT TAN.   VARNISHED.   Serial #2171. Built in Greenfield in 1972 by Dorsey and finished out and lettered by Maxwell. Delicate and precise dry fly placement with small flies is all over this fabulous rod for a DT4 line. This is a great rod for dries and wets from sizes 14 to 24. Lovely, even toned, oven tempered cane color. Slim Cigar grip with a Walnut down-locking, slide band seat.. This rod action is suited to all around trout fishing including bead heads, smalll streamers.  This rod has loads of sparkle with a very easy to cast action and really smokes for dry fly work. Well cared for over the years and in the original bag and Champion aluminum case. E PLUS.   $1850.00. 

14083   14153. THRAMER - A. J. -- HOLLOWBUILT 7'0" SIGNATURE SERIES. 2/2. #4. 3-1/4 oz. MEDIUM FAST. ALL CORK D/L S/L. FIERY BROWN. VARNISHED. A. J. Thramer's highest quality level fly rod. The outstanding HDx Series from A.J. captured everyone's attention! The Signature Series of HOLLOW BUILT rods are the ultimate evolution of more than 25 years of working with taper designs. These Swelled Butt rods boast proprietary tapers designed by A.J. to maximize the advantages of the Hollowbuilt rod construction. They are a versatile medium/fast progressive action well suited for dry fly and nymph use and will cast short or long as the situation requires, thanks to the unique advantages of Hollow-built construction. From tip to butt, these rods have been designed for maximum utility and the best in fishing characteristics. Combine this gem with a TRIANGLE TAPER CLASSIC 4 weight line for a terrific casting experience. This rod is of beautifully flamed cane, oxidized ferrules and hardware over a lightweight Cork seat filler. It has a Half Wells grip and is wrapped in the Payne Brown color. Provided in a cloth bag with hang tag and labeled aluminum rod case, it shows NO USE.   M.   $1050.00.

1407314073. THRAMER - A.J. 8'0". Model 471DX. 2/2. #4. 3.75 oz. PARABOLIC. WALNUT REV. N/S S/B. DARK BROWN T/ BLACK. VARNISHED. This outstanding 2-piece rod has an easy to cast, fuller working, parabolic action; wonderfully responsive, smooth and powerful. The bamboo is flamed to a darker Young-like tone which highlights and offsets the golden color of the nodes and is accented by the deep Brown wraps. The grip is a modified Full Wells style. The Swiss style ferrules are oxidized and the guides and tops are black. The morticed up-locking Dark Burled Walnut slide band seat is fitted with Nickel Silver hardware. The fly keeper is uniquely mounted in the nose of the cork grip and is a Thramer trademark. This rod is a pure pleasure to cast with a TT4 PLUS line and was designed to fish all sizes of trout flies and protect light tippets. Beautifully made with a bright, high gloss varnish finish and done with an excellent eye for detail. A very handsome rod with the original cloth bag and now graced with a $350 Arne Mason Leather rod case, befitting a rod if this stature. Case embossed with original owner's name, rod is not. This rod model is scarce and an exceptionally nice fishing tool. N/M. $895.00.

14118   14118. UNNAMED HIGH QUALITY TWO HAND SALMON ROD. 12'0". CIRCA 1925, POSSIBLY BY CHUBB/MONTAGUE. 3/2. #8/9. 15 oz. SPEY ACTION. 1906 PATENT FULL NICKEL SILVER LOCKING S/B SEAT. DEEP RED W/ RED FULL INTERMEDIATES. VARNISHED. Un-marked as to maker, likely a contract bult rod for one of the new England Tackle Houses. Above average quality of materials and workmanship. AGATE stripper and tip-tops, reverse twist English snake guides. Carries the Charles Terry of Conn. Patent May 15, 1906, side rail, sliding band, twist-locking reel seat, top quality guides, ferrules and hardware and full intermediates. Comes packed in the original heavy canvas rod sack with no outer case. This rod has seen little actual use and remains in near perfect original condition. Everything straight, tight, sound, no issues. E PLUS. $325.00.

 14061. USLAN 8'0" SPENCER 8014 MODEL. 2/2. #5/6. 4-1/4 oz. FAST. PARABOLIC. BUTTERNUT S/L. RUSTY BROWN T/YELLOW. VARNISHED. Five Strip construction rods have a powerful feel that is pleasantly different from the common six-strip feel. This Model 8014 Spencer rod is in perfect original condition. These Nat Uslan rods made in Pearl River, NY are very powerful rods of unique Five-strip construction and are very collectible. This rod is a nearly perfect medium to heavy trout rod. Comes with the original cloth bag and aluminum case. N/M. $750.00.

13964 13964. VOM HOFE - EDWARD  FLY ROD. 8'6" TROUT. 3/2. #5/6. 4-3/4 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. BAKELITE U/L S/L. MEDIUM BROWN. VARNISHED. A high quality rod made in the 1920's by Edward vom Hofe & Co. in NY. The rod is was professionally refinished long ago and unused since. It is well preserved and is complete with the original bag and period aluminum rod case. a replacement bag and later aluminum case. Everything is sound and full length with a light trout action for a DT5 or WF6 line that will be a pleasure to use. Very high quality rod and quite scarce. N/MR $650.00.

14058 14058. J.J.S. WALKER-BAMPTON 9'0" TROUT ROD. 3/2. #4/5. 4-3/4 oz. MEDIUM/SLOW. CORK UNIVERSAL N/S S/B. RED W/FULL INTERMEDIATES. VARNISHED. Serial # 6842, made in Alnwick, England in the 1950's. Walker-Bampton was a solid competitor of Hardy, indeed manufacturing their quality rods and reels in the same town, sometimes even trading employees. A superb, slower-action, midge and wet fly rod with sweet, medium-slow action for a DT4 or WF5 line. This wonderful trout rod clearly demonstrates the level of craftsmanship that English made tackle was famous for. Red Agate , Cigar Grip, Nickel Silver hardware are three of the detailed touches of this easy-casting, true medium/slow action fly rod. The full English intermediate wraps really dress this rod to the nines, offsetting the routine bamboo look. One of the two tips is 8" short at the tip and forces the action up to a faster 5 weight rod, but is still very fishable. The rod remains in excellent original condition throughout and comes in the original cloth rod bag and replacement Aluminum rod case. E. $395.00.


14092 . WINSTON - R. L. - SOLID BUILT BAMBOO 7'3". SALT WATER BOAT ROD. 2/1. SALT WATER PROOF S/L. GOLDEN BRONZE. VARNISHED. Unusual piece! This rod appears to be of 1950's vintage. A Doug Merrick rod custom built for use as a boat rod for salt water fishing. The rod appears original and shows very light use. It remains in remarkably good condition, considering its original purpose. Everything appears to be original and remains in excellent plus condition, The rod is straight as an arrow, also an eyebrow raiser. he Original one tip bag has lost its label and resides in a correct for the period, Cal-Air Aluminum rod case. The varnish excellent showing no scars. Rare is an understatement, here. This is a true vintage prize. This is not a rod you are ever likely to use any more that the original owner whose name is inscribed on it did, but it sure adds a touch of novelty to any Winston fans collection. E. PLUS. $425.00.


14091. WINSTON - R. L. - BAMBOO FLY ROD - HOLLOW BUILT 9'0". MADE FOR ANGIE MERRICK. 2/1. #8/9. 5 oz. FAST. BLACK MICARTA D/L S/L. GOLDEN BRONZE. VARNISHED. Serial #7702. What a find! This rod appears to be of 1950's vintage. A Doug Merrick rod built for his wife and is so inscribed. You can bet a tad of extra care went into this one and it shows. Everything appears to be original and remains in near mint condition, The rod is hollow built and straight as an arrow. The Original lableled, one tip bag indicates the rod was built originally as a one-tip rod. The perfect varnish has aged beautifully and shows a lovely amber orange tint. The rod just glows. Rare is an understatement, here. This is a true vintage prize. The rod case is a heavy duty custom made rarity that appears to be made of the same materials as the rod's reel seat spacer. It has internally machined threads and case cap. Possibly a one off endeavor made especially for her rods? N/M. $1750.00. 


14095. WINSTON - R. L. - BAMBOO FLY ROD - HOLLOW BUILT 9'0". MADE FOR ANGIE MERRICK. 2/1. #6/7. 4-5/8 oz. MEDIUM/FAST. BLACK MICARTA D/L S/L. GOLDEN BRONZE. VARNISHED. Serial #6111. What a find! This rod appears to be of 1950's vintage. A Doug Merrick rod built for his wife and is so inscribed. You can bet a tad of extra care went into this one and it shows. Everything appears to be original and remains in near mint condition, The rod is hollow built and straight as an arrow. The Original labeled bag is present. The tip is made 3" longer than the butt to achieve the length. The perfect varnish has held up beautifully and just glows. This rod really impressed me with a Triangle Taper 6 Plus line. Rare is an understatement, here. This is a true vintage prize. The rod case is a heavy duty custom made rarity that appears to be made of the same materials as the rod's reel seat spacer. It has internally machined threads and case cap. Possibly a one off endeavor made especially for her rods? Was fished a bit more than the heavier rod also listed here. E.PLUS. $1750.00.

 14150   14150. WINSTON - R. L. - BAMBOO FLY ROD - LIGHT STEELHEAD 9'3" HOLLOW BUILT. 2/2. #7/8. 5-1/4 oz. FAST. BLACK MICARTA D/L S/L. W/PERM 4" EXTENSION BUTT. GOLDEN BRONZE. VARNISHED. Serial #7882. Built by Doug Merrick circa the 1950's. San Francisco built Winston made with light weight, patented fluted-hollow shaft construction. The rod is inscribed with the Patent # and "built for" inscription.on the rod shaft. Grip is Modified Wells style. The rod is a true powerhouse, capable of laying out and entire fly line. Despite the rods incredible casting power, it still retains the characteristic "Winston Action". Superb, easy casting action for a DT7 or WF8 line. I liked it a lot with the Triangle Taper 7 Plus. These TT lines seem made for these big San Francisco Winstons. This is an outstanding Steely, Big Trout rod. The second tip is 12" short, but with good original hardware and is ripe for a good scarf job to restore to full, useable length. Replacement bag and early original Winston aluminum case. The rod is in very good to excellent original condition with the only flaw being some cork repair work at the base of the extension butt, visible in the photo and a high spot in the screw lock which still locks up just fine. Top notch, big fish performer. VG. $695.00.

SOME OF YOU HAVE INQUIRED ABOUT JOHN WOJNAS, WHO HE WAS AND WHAT WERE HIS CREDENTIALS IN THE FLY FISHING WORLD. Most importantly to me, he was a great friend and fishing buddy. Together we taught a lot of trout to more selective about what they ate next time. John was an engineer by trade and a fly fisher's fly fisherman by obsession. He was an accomplished fly tier and taught hundreds of people how to tie flies at my original Angler's Den Fly shop in Linden, NJ. He was great fan of bamboo fly rods. His love of cane led him to try his hand at restoration work and subsequently building his own rods...the normal progression for most bamboo rod makers. He sold a very few of his rods to friends and so, when he passed a number of years back, his widow had quite a collection of very well done restorations and his works left behind.  All the rods attributed to him here are from that collection and represent true value bargains considering the native talents of their maker. Every time I think of John W. I can't help but smile.  It's been a long while, but he is still missed.

14014 14014. JOHN WOJNAS – H-I. 7'0". POCONO. 2/1. 5 line. 3-3/4 oz. FAST. D/L S/L. GREEN-BLACK JASPER T/BLACK. VARNISHED. Refinished by an accomplished amateur builder at the professional level.Scarce and delightful H-I model circa 1950 with a fast dry fly action for a DT5 line. Ideal Small Stream rod. Original hardware, grip, new guides and varnish, original Agate Stripper. Original factory decal preserved, too. Features a lot of unique touches backed by high quality work from an unknown builder with talent. A lot of good rod at a great price. Original rod bag and new case. N/M. $250.00.

14022 14022. JOHN WOJNAS. 7'6". SOUTH BRANCH MIDGE. 2/1. #4. 3-1/4 oz. MEDIUM. THREADED COCBOLO U/L S/L. LIGHT BRONZE T/CINNAMON. VARNISHED. Built in 1983 and revarnished in 1996. Fun rod with a decent medium trout action for a WF4 line. The sections are correct length. Features an Agate Stripper and Tip-top. Western Cigar grip and a custom made threaded wood screw lock reel seat, really sharp! This rod will be a fine first bamboo fishing rod for some serious trout fishing. Cloth bag and aluminum rod case. E. $225.00.

14012 14012.   JOHN WOJNAS. 7'9". THE TRADITIONALIST. 2/2. 5/6 line. 4 oz. MED & MED/FAST. ROSEWOOD U/L S/L. DARK RED T/BLACK. VARNISHED. Made by an accomplished amateur builder at the professional level. An interesting rod made with a medium action Wet Fly tip & a faster action Dry Fly tip, both perfect for a DT5 or WF6 line size. Half Wells grip, Agate Stripper, Swiss Style Ferrules, Mortised reel seat, (finished out with a cork button with a bamboo center). Features a lot of unique touches backed by high quality work from an unknown builder with talent. A lot of good rod at a great price. Original bag and case. N/M. $750.00.